The “I CAN Make It!” Student Game Show

An entertaining 25 to 45 minute school-wide imagination building game show, co-hosted by 4 I’s Flint. Flint is a fun loving animated character who promotes his 4 “I” process, inspiring children to turn their CREATIVE IDEAS into REALITIES! The game show is fun, relatable, and kid-focused.  Wireless Game Show Buzzers included!

Special Message Just For You!

We want to partner with your school to:

  • Inspire Student Creativity
  • Motivate Constructive Teamwork
  • Promote STEM Related Inventions
  • Raise Funds For School Programs

“What really got my attention about the “I CAN MAKE IT” assembly was the energy level. The room was on fire… also I really liked the materials covered with the children. It was really attractive and engaging for students.”